Woodworking Magazines – Top 7 Best Magazines Available

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Woodworking magazines are one of the best resources available for woodworkers.

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The typical magazine often includes DIY – projects, from basic small woodworking projects such as cutting boards, chairs and coat racks to more complicated projects such as bed frames or kitchen tables.

Choose High Quality Woodworking Magazines

High quality woodworking magazines also include product reviews, free woodworking plans and designs, techniques and helpful tips.

Currently, there are many high quality magazines available on the market both offline and online. A variety of the magazines are available for the new beginner but there are also magazines available for experienced woodworkers with years of experience.

Some magazines also have expert woodworkers as their writers. This ensures tried and tested techniques for the readers. It is difficult to know which magazine is right for you because there are so many available. What differentiates one magazine from the other, which should you choose?

Here below are some reviews of the best woodworking magazines available today.

#1. Fine Woodworking Magazine

For over 30 years, Fine Woodworking Magazine has been the #1 magazine in the woodworking niche. It caters to both the new beginner and the expert. Like all the other magazines, Fine Woodworking Magazine contains a lot of useful design ideas, plans, product reviews and techniques.

The editors of the magazine travel around the United States in order to find the best “hands-on” – woodworkers, then they photograph their techniques. According to the magazine, their goal is to provide the most trusted woodworking information to their readers. This is a great way to achieve that goal.

The projects featured in the Fine Woodworking Magazine are beautiful designs that include alternative ideas and sizes, these give the reader a lot more options to choose from.

It is good to know that most projects in this magazine are more geared for experienced woodworkers. The projects do not show the step-by-step process for creating the project or have any detailed diagrams.

Even though this magazine caters to new beginners and experts, new beginners would find it difficult to create the projects that are featured in this magazine. However, it would be a good idea for a new beginner to try some of the projects, they would get a lot of experience from it and help grow to an expert woodworker.

The product reviews in this magazine are very detailed, the magazine also publishes a yearly tool guide issue which is something woodworking enthusiasts consider a “must have”.

The Fine Woodworking Magazine has a favorite feature called “Methods of Work”, readers can send their personal solutions and practical tips for woodworking. Some of these tips may sound a bit unusual but they are tried and tested, they really work.

According to subscribers, Fine Woodworking Magazine is the Bible of woodworkers. If you are looking for a high quality woodworking magazine, then this is the one for you.

#2. Popular Woodworking Magazine

The Popular Woodworking Magazine is the right option if you are more of an amateur woodworker. This magazine covers everything in woodworking, the essentials from A to Z. The projects in this magazine are aimed for the newbie woodworker, but the projects are very beautiful, inspiring and useful.

These simple projects help build up your woodworking skills over time. The articles in this magazine are written by professional woodworkers.

The Popular Woodworking Magazine, like every other magazine in this niche, include useful tips, techniques and tool reviews for woodworking. This is a great magazine for new beginners, all the projects featured in this magazine are relatively simple and easy to replicate.

#3. Woodworking Magazine

The next magazine is called Woodworking Magazine, it is a sister publication of number #2 on our list. This is one of the few woodworking magazines available in the market that does not have any advertising in its pages.

The reason this magazine is free of ads is to ensure it is free of bias. The editors do not accept ads from sellers of woodworking tools or manufacturers. Instead of ads, all the pages in this magazine is filled with woodworking projects, techniques, practical tips and useful ideas.

This magazine is intended for those who have just started their woodworking hobby. The articles in this magazine are in-depth, they include step-by-step information (and illustrations) for how to create beautiful projects.

One thing that amateur woodworkers find very useful is the glossary in the magazine. It explains terms that needs to be defined. Another useful thing are the tool reviews that include information about the tools and how to use them better.

#4. Wood Magazine

Wood Magazine is a great choice for the amateur woodworker. This magazine includes interviews with professional woodworkers, tool reviews, useful techniques and tips. The projects in this magazine are quite easy to do, they are detailed and always include simple step-by-step instructions.

A nice thing about the projects in this magazine are the measured diagrams and material lists. They include everything you need plus information where the materials can be purchased. The product reviews in Wood Magazine often reviews affordable tools and products, not the expensive ones. This magazine is aimed at the beginner who does not need a lot of tools just yet.

Other Great Woodworking Magazines Available

There are lots of great woodworking magazines available on the market these days, you can find the best ones online. Here below is a list of a few high quality magazines you should learn more about if you are looking to start a woodworking hobby.

With the use of wood you can create almost anything. Woodworking is the art of creating beautiful things from wood, starting from a simple cutting board. More and more people around the world are starting woodworking as a hobby. Some people start their own business and sell their creations.

Wood is very durable, it will stand the test of time. This enables it to be passed on from generation to generation. The majority of woodworkers rely on magazines for information and new ideas for projects. Magazines also share useful tips and techniques, the product reviews about the best tools available in the market are also very helpful.

If you are interested in starting woodworking, then you should read some woodworking magazines for ideas and information.


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