What Is Tachycardia – Everything You Need To Know

What is Tachycardia? Some people are not aware of what Tachycardia is. It is actually the irregular beating of the heart. To be more specific, it is the condition wherein the heart beats faster than normal even when the person is at rest.

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This might not sound too serious but we have to remember that if the heart is beating faster than its normal heart rate, it’s working more too. It might become strained and lead to a variety of other serious diseases.

When the heart pumps faster, blood and oxygen aren’t given the chance to circulate well inside the body. This will not help your body stay healthy. In fact, people with this condition always say that they feel somewhat dizzy and the reason for this is because they lack enough oxygen circulating through their body.

We all know that our tissues and body organs need oxygen in order to survive and the lack of it will make our body feel weak.

Common Symptoms Of Tachycardia

If you are wondering if you have this condition, you should check if you have the following symptoms:

  • Rapid Pulse Rate
  • Palpitations
  • Chest Pain
  • Light Headed-ness

If you do have the symptoms mentioned above, it would be best to have yourself checked by a medical professional.

Chances are these are just normal symptoms of other less serious conditions but if you are diagnosed with this condition, it is fortunate that there are treatments available.

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Remember though that prevention is always better than cure. This is the reason why some people are healthier than others and do not develop certain conditions at all because they take good care of their health.

5 Common Causes Of Tachycardia

#1. Too much consumption of alcohol – There are some people who consume too much alcohol especially when they are having problems or they are feeling stressed about a variety of things.

#2. Smoking – Some people try smoking at first for fun but once they get addicted to it and it is hard to quit.

#3. High Blood Pressure – This can be caused by stress or eating fatty foods.

#4. Side effect from certain drugs or medications – Some medications can cause complications. It would be best to get the doctor’s advice about medications that you can take.

#5. Hyperthyroidism – this is the condition wherein the Thyroid becomes overactive.

There are people who already have Tachycardia or develop Tachycardia because of the onset of high fever that wasn’t given attention at first. The problem with this condition is that there are times when the exact reason why a person develops this disease is unknown. Further research about the condition is still under way.

Once a person is diagnosed with the condition, it is recommended that he seek help and treatment as soon as possible because there are many complications that come with the disease. For instance, there are times that because of the fast pumping of the heart, blood clots become present.

Blood clots are dangerous because it can lead to cardiovascular disease. The presence of a blood clot also makes the person more susceptible to suffering from a stroke.

Sadly, those with this condition sometimes die suddenly because of the complications mentioned above. It is important that in order to prevent the condition people should avoid the possible causes of the disease.

I hope this short article answered the question what is Tachycardia. If you are interested in learning more about this condition, there are lots of high quality forums available.