TripleClicks Review – All You Need To Know

In this TripleClicks review you will learn everything there is to know about, what it is, how it works and useful information for how you can get the most out of it.


TripleClicks Review

What is TripleClicks? is a e-commerce community that launched in January 2009. It is fully integrated with SFI (Strong Future International). As an SFI affiliate, you will automatically get a TripleClicks membership and get access to over 90,000+ products you can sell and earn a commission.

New products are added to daily and there is a wide variety of categories including:

  • Antiques & collectibles
  • Books
  • Digital downloads
  • Personal care & beauty
  • Pet care
  • Toys
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Movies
  • Health & wellness
  • Music

Buy Items At

TripleClicks has many product categories and thousands of products from over 160 countries you can buy. There are also “Super deals” available where you can get the item for a very low price. You will also have many payment options available. In addition to all major credit cards, also accepts PayPal and Bitcoin payments.

There are also so called Spotlight Merchants from where you can buy products/services and earn Versa Points ( = A profit sharing program for SFI members).

Sell Items At

You have the opportunity to sell stuff you no longer need for cash, or convert the items to something you want. This is a convenient way of getting rid of items you no longer need when cleaning your garage, closets, attic and so on.

To start selling your unwanted items, all you need to do is:

  • 1.Register as a TripleClicks member for free More information here
  • 2.Purchase some TCredits (so you can list your items)
  • 3.List your items (Each listing costs 1 TCredit)
  • 4.When someone buys one of your items, TripleClicks will notify you by email
  • 5.Once delivery is confirmed, you get paid

Bid On Penny Auctions

Pricebenders penny auctions allows you to bid on and win brand name products for a fraction of the retail price, typically more than 90% off. Every auction starts at just 1 cent and the price point goes up for just 1 cent for each bid placed. More information here

Play Games

At you can also play different games and win TCredits, Member Reward Points and lots more. There are many fun games available with more coming regularly. At the moment you can play Black Jack, Poker, Card King, Gold Streak, Knock Out Trivia and Time Machine. More information here

TripleClicks Review – Conclusion is a quite new site and is not so well known, except for those who are members of SFI. If you are looking for something special for a cheap price, or interested in winning penny auctions, then I recommend taking a closer look.

It is free to sign up but you will need to buy TCredits (for $1.99 each) or TCredit packs for a discounted price, if you want to sell items or bid at the penny auctions.

TripleClicks Review – FAQ:

Q: How does TripleClicks work?
A: is a online store owned by SFI (Strong Future International). When you join SFI (it is free), you will be given your own TripleClicks store. With the help of the marketing training you get, you will be able to visitors to your own TripleClicks store. When people buy something, you will earn a commission.

Q: How to bid on TripleClicks?
A: You can bid on penny auctions for 1 cent and win brand name products. Learn more here.

Q: How to earn with TripleClicks?
A: When you refer someone to your TripleClicks store and he/she buys something, you will earn a commission. You can also sell your own items on the site. More information.

Q: How to sell on TripleClicks?
A: When you sign up (for free), you will get access to all the information. Basically, you can refer people to site who buys, or you can sell your own items.

Q: What year was TripleClicks launched?
A: January 5th, 2009. More information.