Toilet seat hinges

Toilet Seat Hinges – A Simple Replacement Guide

Toilet seat hinges are mostly made of a bar with 2 hinges attached to it. They sometimes also have another design which consists of two separate hinges without the bar and are fixed separately.

Toilet Seat Hinges

How To Replace Your Toilet Seat Hinges

When replacing the hinges usually don’t pay much attention and buy the products which is made available to them at that instance without any consideration what so ever of their size, design, type, cost or even fitting. But this, my friend is a wrong practice.

The role of toilet seat hinges is far more important than what you think it to be. They perform the important function of holding the toilet seat to the toilet. If we were to remove seat hinges from a toilet it would be virtually impossible to use the toilet.

Not only that, looshinges are also a source of risky business as they may cause the seat to slip-off the toilet and can cause serious injury.

But you don’t have to worry if the toilet seat hinges of your toilet need a replacement because you don’t need to buy an entire toilet as seat hinges are also sold separately.

Huge Variety Of Hinges On The Market

Though there is a huge variety of toilet seat hinges available in the market the two major types of hinges are the ones that are made of plastic and the ones that are made of chrome.

It’s advisable to take your toilet seat hinges along with you when you go to buy a new pair to insure that the new hinges that you buy have the same size and type as the old ones.

Hinges are also available in various colors, textures and designs to match the interiors of your bathroom or in case you decide to do something innovative with your toilet seat.

The negligence we usually show while buying toilet seat hinges is due to lack of time. We all would rather do something else than spend our time buying toilet seat hinges.

But these days buying toilet seat hinges are not that much of a problem since we can go through our options and their prices easily on the internet.

A Simple Replacement Guide

Toilet seat hinges usually consist of a bar with 2 hinges attached to it. They can also have other designs which are made of two separate hinges without the bar fixed separately. Though often ignored and not thought of as important most of the times the seat hinges keep the seat fixed to the toilet.

If not for the hinges it would be nearly impossible to use the toilet comfortably. That’s not all. An ill-fitted pair of hinges can be dangerous as well because they pose a constant threat of the seat slipping and taking you with it which can easily cause an injury.

Hence, we realize that though ignored a good pair of toilet seat hinges is essential for your toilet.

There are several variants of hinges available in the market and you can easily make a choice depending on your requirements. It is important that you buy seat hinges which are the perfect fit for your toilet because as mentioned above, ill-fitted hinges can make life difficult.

You should not be careless or hasty while buying toilet seat hinges and can investigate the market in order to make a well-informed choice.

No Pro´s Needed

It’s also important to know that you don’t need any professional to fix the hinges as this can be done by anyone by following the simple procedures that come with them.

Make sure that hinges that you buy are of good quality and you don’t have to replace them for a considerable period of time.

Toilet seat hinges are not very expensive but still it’s always good if you put in an extra effort to save your well-earned money by doing an elaborate research in the market about the different prices being offered by different stores.

You don’t have to run around the market wasting your precious time for this. You can easily get to know about the options available in the market through the internet.

Avoid buying hinges made of plastic as they tend to break easily and cause unnecessary hassles. You also need to use the toilet seat properly to make sure that they don’t become loose easily.

Toilet Seat Hinges FAQ:

Q: How do soft close toilet seat hinges work?
A: It depends on the brand you buy. However, you should always read the instructions on the packaging for instructions.

Q: How to adjust soft close toilet seat hinges?
A: The best ways to do this is simply to test until you get it right. Here is a video that shows you how.

Q: Where to buy toilet seat hinges?
The easiest way is to buy them online. Big online retailers such as Amazon have great selection for every toilet model.

Q: How to clean toilet seat hinges?
A: The easiest way is by using an old dish brush.

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