Best Plantar Fasciitis Products

Best Plantar Fasciitis Products – Top 5 Things To Try

Finding the best Plantar Fasciitis products can be quite difficult if you don´t know exactly what you need. There is nothing worse then having a condition interfere with your day-to-day life.

Best plantar fasciitis

Finding The Best Plantar Fasciitis Products

Sometimes stopping you in your tracks, finding a treatment and getting on the right track can make all the difference between happiness and hopelessness. For millions of Americans struggling with Plantar Fasciitis every day, hope is just around the corner.

With a growing number of 40 to 60 year olds now facing Plantar Fasciitis, an entire cottage industry has emerged, providing products that together can help to alleviate your pain and get you back on the right track.

Top 5 Best Plantar Fasciitis Products On The Market

The challenge for you is working with your doctor to find what products work best for you. With that in mind, lets take a quick moment to review the best plantar fasciitis products currently on the market, as well as how they can help restore you to your original health.

#1. Plantar Fasciitis Bands For Your Feet:

Simple, inexpensive, and effective, you can purchase bands that wrap around your foot and help alleviate the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. Similar to a very large rubber band, these bands are specifically designed to compress your Plantar Fasciitis, alleviating some of the pain you feel with every step you take. While not a cure all by themselves, they can go a long way to making each day more bearable.

#2. Plantar Fasciitis Bands For Stretching:

There are a number of stretching aids created specifically for Plantar Fasciitis. What make them different from other bands, belts, or even towels is that they have a thickness and length specifically designed for doing Plantar Fasciitis stretching exercises.

These are especially useful in the early morning calve and Plantar Fasciitis stretches you do before getting out of bed. Inexpensive, these bands can go a long way to helping you recover from Plantar Fasciitis.

#3. Plantar Fasciitis Hot Cold Massagers:

While some prefer a bottle of water stuck in the freezer for 20 minutes, others prefer special products specifically targeted towards massaging the Plantar Fasciitis. Along with providing an excellent surface in which to role your feet over, these devices can be both heated and cooled, depending on what you need to relax whatever pain you are feeling.

#4. Other Plantar Fasciitis Products – Inserts, Socks, and Shoes:

These physical devices may help you and your Plantar Fasciitis recover quicker and faster. However, more often then not, they will require that you see a specialist who can find the right foot related product for you. Without their help, you may be shooting in the dark until you find something that just happens to work.

If you do not have the opinion of a doctor, then do a search for Plantar Fasciitis related shoes, inserts, and socks, and read reviews from people whose experience mirrors yours. While there is no lack of selection, the trick is finding the one thing that will work the best.

#5. Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Models:

Along with aids for daily use, there are also several Plantar Fasciitis products you can wear to bed. These work to keep your fascia in the right direction, making recovery in the morning significantly easier. Lets quickly take a look at both and see what works the best.

The dorsal brace is the first kind of night splint you should consider. The dorsal brace is much lighter then the boot brace, consisting of a spine of plastic that runs down the back of your leg and to the bottom of your foot. Designed to leave your feet open, the brace puts your foot at a 90-degree angle.

The dorsal brace is lighter and easier to move around in while in bed. One of several complaints include foot slippage due to a design flaw that makes the dorsal brace less effective then it could otherwise be. With this in mind, carefully choose your dorsal brace prior to purchase.

Additional Tips And Information

In addition, some of the larger straps you use can cause sweating and discomfort over the course of the night. As a final note, you may experience some discomfort related to your toes falling asleep when in the brace.

The next night splint to consider is the boot splint. Imagine wearing a snow boot to bed, and you will not be far off from what boot splints are like.

The boot splint is perfect if securing your fascia is your top concern. While very good at securing your fascia, it is easy for them to become uncomfortable. Large and bulky, it is a challenge to move around with them when you are in bed, making shifting positions a challenge.

In addition, many people report sweaty toes and numb toes after extended use. As a final note, you have to take them off before walking, meaning that any trip to the bathroom will take twice as long.

What Are The Best Plantar Fasciitis Products For Me?

Ultimately, it depends on how you got Plantar Fasciitis and your physiology. The only way you can solve your Plantar Fasciitis is to search around, and maybe try more then one product to see what works best.

Finding the best Plantar Fasciitis products available (a product that is perfect for you) can take a lot of research online. There are a few great discussion forums you can join, ask questions and get helpful answers from other members. I recommend joining the forum at

Best plantar fasciitis

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