arch of foot pain

Arch Of Foot Pain – Everything You Need To Know

You may get arch of foot pain for a few different reasons. In this article you will learn all about arch of foot pain and how you can get rid of it for good.

Arch of foot pain

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All About Arch Of Foot Pain

Your feet are the most commonly used parts of your body as you use them to walk, run, jump, and to even reach things at the very top of your cabinets.

With the constant use of your feet, they’re quite prone to injury, one of which being a nagging pain in the arch of your foot.

Before you seek guidance from a medical professional you might be interested in trying to figure out what the pain could be from to determine if you can treat it at home. Below are some of the most common causes for pain in arch of foot.

Arch Of Foot Pain Causes General Discomfort

It will be pretty obvious for someone to know that they are experiencing some type of medical ailment with the arch of their foot as they will experience extreme discomfort throughout the day going through regular activities.

In most cases people will be told that the pain is as a result of the tissues in the midfoot swelling from overuse or from damage. The arch that your foot has is created by an extremely tight band of tissue that connects your toes to your heel bone and with excessive stretching, it can be incredibly uncomfortable to stand or walk.

Arch Of Foot Pain Can Be Plantar Fasciitis

This is by far the most common cause of pain in arch of foot as plantar fasciitis can be experienced by everyone ranging from athletes to people that live a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately this type of issue with your foot may not only affect your arch but it can also affect your heel as well. Regardless of where the pain is located, the treatment would be exactly the same and it is necessary that you seek the assistance of a medical professional.

When you decide to get treatment for plantar fasciitis you will need to receive an injection into the affected area. The formula included in the injection will be a mix of an anesthetic and a steroid. Your doctor may also apply a topical anesthetic to help with any additional discomfort.

Other common treatments include exercises to help stretch your foot and anti-inflammatory medications that you can administer on your own.

Unlike other bodily injuries that you might experience continuing to walk on your feet while you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis only makes it worse and doesn’t get less painful because the “muscles are being warmed up”.

You’ll experience arch pain in the morning from your feet contracting at night and in the morning when you begin walking, the plantar fascia will get more and more inflamed, causing excessive pain.

Fallen Arches And Flat Feet

Another common cause for pain in arch of foot is a fallen arch, something that is commonly referred to as flat feet. This generally occurs when the arch in your foot falls and your feet get flat when you are standing or walking.

Since the feet are designed to have an arch in them, it can cause an ample amount of discomfort and foot pain. Luckily this is one of the many foot issues that can easily be treated at home and for a couple of dollars.

The best treatment for fallen arches is the use of a shoe insert that is designed for people with low arches. You can either find them from a drug store or you can go to a specialty orthopedic store to see if they have any brands that you would like. There’s also the ability to buy special shoes that are designed to better support your arches.

In the event that you’re still experiencing pain it’s important to rest your feet, ice them regularly, or consider visiting a physical therapist. Depending on the severity of the fallen arch you may have to undergo surgery.

Painful Shoes

If you’ve begun to notice that the arch of your foot has become relatively irritated, you might want to consider the type of shoes that you are wearing throughout the day. It is imperative that your arch receives the right amount of support that it needs and not something that is too arched or not arched enough.

For example, if you are someone with a relatively low arch and you’re wearing high heels on a regular basis, this could cause severe discomfort in your feet. Whereas if you have a high arch and you’re walking around in ballet flats, it’s not giving your feet the support that they need to stay comfortable.

The next time that you go shopping for a new pair of shoes take your feet into account and make sure that you choose styles that will be comfortable for the build of your foot as it will make a whole world of difference.

Plus, having the right shoes is a great preventative measure to make sure that you never suffer from plantar fasciitis or fallen arches.

Arch of foot pain

Arch Of Foot Pain FAQ:

Q: How do you get rid of pain in the arch of your foot?
A: You can get arch of foot pain because you are wearing the wrong type of shoes. Wearing too narrow or too small shoes can cause pain.

Q: How do you treat pain in the arch of the foot?
A: One of the most common treatments is using shoe inserts. Here is more information.

Q: How to fix pain in arch of foot?
A: Proper shoe insert is a common treatment for pain relief. Here below is a short video with more information.

Here is more information

Q: How to prevent pain in arch of foot?
A: If you have low arches or flat feet, then you are more likely to get this type of pain at some point. It is recommended to see a doctor. He or she can recommend the proper treatment. In most cases, this pain will go away by choosing the right type of shoes or shoe inserts.

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