Symptoms Of Alcohol Allergy – 7 Common Symptoms

What are common symptoms of alcohol allergy? Many times if you search for “alcohol allergy” you won’t find much information.

Symptoms of alcohol allergy.

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If you search for “alcohol intolerance” though, you will find a lot of information. Alcohol allergy and alcohol intolerance are the same thing.

In just the same way your immune system reacts differently to various stimuli from food, the environment etc. so alcohol can have a negative effect. The problem is though that each person reacts differently and so the symptoms for each person can differ.

For some people, any amount of alcohol will cause a reaction and for others they would have to drink to a certain point to start exhibiting symptoms.

The extent to which you see symptoms though is dependent on how strong your immune system is.

The occurrence of alcohol allergy is very rare throughout the United States. The phenomenon is more common in Asia and countries in that area of the earth. Those who suffer from alcohol allergy tend to suffer from other allergies as well.

A person with alcohol intolerance will have an immediate effect when they reach the point that triggers their symptoms. This causes the body to produce histamines but at the same time your body lacks the ability to break them down.

There is a bit of confusion about alcohol allergy which is due mainly to the lack of information about the condition. Symptoms when they do occur don’t generally come on mild but can be very severe and like any other allergy should be taken seriously. Here are some of the symptoms that you can see with alcohol allergy.

7 Common Symptoms Of Alcohol Allergy

These first three symptoms can be triggered with just a 1 ml (millilitre, 0.20 US tsp) consumption of alcohol.

  • 1. Stomach cramps
  • 2. Difficulty breathing
  • 3. Rashes
  • 4. Flushing reactions to include rapid heartbeat and nausea
  • 5. Non-Allergic Rhinitis symptoms to include runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing etc
  • 6. Hives and Anaphylaxis. These symptoms are very serious and can cause death. They are caused due to the presence of sulphites which are used for the preservation of the alcohol. They are additives and are not found naturally occurring when making alcohol.
  • 7. Hives and swelling in persons who are suffering from angioedema and chronic urticaria. The alcohol when consumed aggravates the symptoms of these diseases making them noticeable in the sufferer.

Video – More About Symptoms Of Alcohol Allergy

Ask A Doctor Online About Alcohol Allergy Now – Get The Answer Instantly!

These are not the only symptoms that one can see as a result of alcohol intolerance or allergy. There are many other symptoms as well.

These include:

  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Itching
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • A sensation of heat
  • Vertigo

… and many more.

As you must notice, these symptoms are very common to many other conditions and diseases as so the best course of action would be to visit your doctor or healthcare professional to find out the cause behind your symptoms.

Whether or not you suspect that you do suffer from alcohol allergy you should still ensure that you do not over consume alcoholic drinks especially at festive times of the year.

It is better to be safe than sorry and there are many non-alcoholic drinks out there that are equally as appealing.


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