4 Effective Stretching Exercises For Seniors

Here are 4 stretching exercises for seniors that will keep an older person in shape. We all know that everyone has to face the fact that one day they will be a senior citizen. As a person gets older, they start to run into problems with mobility. Some older people start to get arthritis causing both muscles and joints to become stiff.

Studies have shown that a person who isn’t very physical active as they get older will end up with a lot of health problems.

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4 Stretching Exercises For Seniors

A person getting older should not mean the end of exercising. Here is more information on some simple and effective stretching exercises for seniors that help them stay flexible and healthy.

Seated Overhead Stretch:

An older person that does stretching exercises can keep their muscles and joints flexible, and another great benefit to doing stretching exercises is that it can help an older person’s weight down because the exercise will speed up their metabolism.

Regular exercise will also help an older person keep their blood sugar levels within a normal range. For the seated overhead stretch, you will need a strong, solid, straight backed chair. Once you are seated with your feet flat on the floor, with your arms to the side.

Remember to sit up in the chair as straight as possible as you lift both of yours arm and hold them straight out in front of you. The best way to know if you have the position right is to imagine reaching out for something in front of you, and then you are going to raise the arms over your head holding that position for a count of five.

Return your arms to your side and repeat the exercise a total of ten times.

Calf Stretches:

Your legs are very important because without them you could not get around. There are two main calf muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. You will need another sturdy chair for this exercise.

Place the chair on the bare floor, which will ensure that it won’t slip because you will be putting your weight on this chair, and you will be using this chair as a support for the exercises.

You will stand behind the chair placing your hands on the back of the chair. Be sure that you have a good grip on that chair as you extend your feet behind you one at a time. It is important that while you are doing this exercise the knee of the other leg is slightly bent.

Stretch the leg backward with your heel pointed toward your ceiling and hold yourself in this position for fifteen to thirty seconds. Do this exercise a total of ten times. This is one of the best stretching exercises for seniors because it is so simple to do and effective.

Seated Side Angle Stretches:

A great stretching exercise to help keep your back and abdominal muscles nice and loose. You begin but sitting in a chair with your feet about a foot apart. You will place your hands behind you head lacing your fingers.

To begin this exercise, you will slowly bend your waist and bring the elbow close to your side. You will feel the stretch on the opposite side of your body. Repeat this exercise a total of ten times, which is five times on each side.

Knee To Chest Stretch:

There are two areas of the body that can really become stiff as a person gets older, the knees and the back. This exercise will require you to lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor slightly set apart.

With your arms at your side, begin lifting one leg up and toward your chest then put your arms around it and holds it to your chest for ten to fifteen seconds then let go. Repeat this exercise five times for each leg.

Don’t Forget To Breathe:

Many people forget to breathe whenever they exercise. The important thing to remember is to take in a breath then hold it as you do an exercise, and then blow the air out slowly. This is an added benefit to the stretching exercises because you will be giving your lungs some exercise as well.

Also, the drawing in of each breath will pull your stomach in, and this will also help reduce the fat in your stomach and help your waist nice and trim. Even senior citizens want a nice trim waist.

Stretching exercises for seniors are an important part of getting older. As a person ages, he or she may notice changes in their bodies like stiff muscles and joints. Studies have shown that a person keeping active with stretching exercises can keep their bodies flexible. There are some specific stretching exercises that can keep the legs, back, and knees nice and strong.

People who are exercise as they get older will not only keep such things as arthritis from making them stiff, but exercising will also keep a senior citizen healthier overall.