Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally – 50 Ways That Work

How to lower high blood pressure naturally. This is important information if you or someone that is dear to you suffer from high blood pressure.

Lower high blood pressure naturally. MoreTipsNow.com

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How To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

Have you tried many methods, when trying to find out how to get rid of high blood pressure?

There are thousands upon thousands of methods to get rid of high blood pressure, but not all of them are the best way and many medications are only a temporary fix and can carry other health risks.

You may not have to take medication if you learn how to deal with the factors that are causing you to have high blood pressure.

Many things such as stress can be a contributing factor to having high blood pressure.

How To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally By Changing Your Diet

The first thing that you may want to start out with is your diet. There are many things that can contribute to high blood pressure in our diet and you will want to deal with these things.

If you have high blood pressure one of the first things that you should do is limit your salt intake to a minimal.

You will as well want to eat a diet that is rich in fiber, and proteins, but low in cholesterol, sodium, saturated fat and fat. The diet should consist of fruits and vegetables with limited poultry and fish consumption.

Being on a diet to help you treat your blood pressure is good, but you as well want to be at a healthy weight to be able to lower high blood pressure naturally.

If you carry around extra weight your heart is working twice as fast to be able to carry all the extra weight that you are carrying and when you lose this extra weight your heart will work less and you may also feel that you have much more energy.

How To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally By Reducing Stress

High blood pressure can be a silent killer and it is due to many factors, such as stress and diet, but proper exercise can also help you to be able to shed the pounds and feel much healthier.

One thing that you can do to be able to lose weight and feel healthier is to exercise, but with high blood pressure you will want to start out with light exercise.

You can as well find other thing to be able to deal with stress that can contribute to high blood pressure, such as meditation. There are many things to help you find out how to lower high blood pressure naturally. If you put your mind to it you will succeed.

Why Is High Blood Pressure A Health Concern?

It’s something that nearly everyone has heard someone say they are concerned about, but high blood pressure is still a mystery to so many people. Though doctors may be forthcoming with a diagnosis, learning that you have high blood pressure can leave you confused and wondering what the reality of this disease is.

What is high blood pressure and why is high blood pressure a health concern? High blood pressure is fairly easy to define. It occurs when blood is coursing through the veins at an extremely high pressure, just as the title would suggest.

The effect this has on the arteries is similar to the effect that too much air pressure can have on a tire. Eventually, this wears on the tire and blowouts are much more likely to happen.

In the case of your veins or arteries, you won’t get a flat tire, but you are at a higher risk of stroke or heart attack. The worst part about this is that there is often very little that you can do about.

It is a good idea to learn different ways for how to lower high blood pressure naturally without medication. Medications most often have side effects and they are expensive as well.

A Few Common Reasons For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is brought on by a number of factors but can also appear seemingly out of nowhere. There are a lot of people with healthy diets, who exercise daily who have high blood pressure due to genetics.

If you know that there are people in your family with high blood pressure, be sure to get regular check ups with your doctor so that you can get a better understanding of your blood pressure from one moment to the next.

Your doctor can also give you pointers on how to avoid high blood pressure. This often involves eating healthier and finding new ways to deal with stress that will leave you more relaxed.

Now you may understand that you have high blood pressure but you may be putting off thinking about it. In this case you need to understand why high blood pressure is a health concern. Besides the before mentioned heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure can lead to a lot of other discomforts in life.

You may not be able to move around with the ease that you once could. You put your entire body at risk every time you over exert yourself. High blood pressure can even lead to sexual problems later on in life.

The good news is that you can do something about your high blood pressure. While some people have a predisposition due to genetics, they can reduce their chances of developing high blood pressure through proper exercise and diet.

It is also helpful to quick smoking and to drink less. These simple tips and tricks will also help you lead a healthier life overall. Hopefully these simple ways will help you to lower high blood pressure naturally.

4 Foods To Avoid With High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is not your typical health hazard that can be cured with an instant diagnosis and operation or through some antibiotics or alternate medicines offering instant results.

Once developed, high blood pressure can be a consistent problem and often people tend to suffer from it throughout their lives. High blood pressure has often been linked to hypertension, stress and similar problems and has also been known to trigger cardiac problems, diabetes and even heart attacks.

One of the best ways to treat high blood pressure is to have a diet that is healthy and to avoid certain foods that are your worst enemies during this phase of your life. Here are some foods that you must avoid if you have high blood pressure.

Red Meat

No matter how much you love your beef steaks or that lamb konjee or sausages, red meat should be the first casualty in your daily diet when you know that you have high blood pressure. Despite the proteins and the other health benefits that red meat has to offer you, it can be hazardous among people with high blood pressure.

With red meat, you would not only struggle to bring down your blood pressure but also see a steady increase of the problem. Even if you think that your red meat dishes are cleanly cooked with not much oil or sauces, even then it is a strict no.


Some people have a tendency of generously sprinkling salt on food. Sure, it enhances the taste of a dish but you should walk away from salt the moment you realize or get diagnosed with high blood pressure. With salt as well as red meat, you can easily feel the difference.

People suffering from high blood pressure would often get hyper tensed and anxious after consuming salt and red meat. You may have an uncomfortable feeling as well.


We all know that it is hard to walk out of alcohol but it is wise to do so while having high blood pressure. No one has to become unsocial and can have a drink or two once in a blue moon but gulping down a shot or two everyday or even on alternate days should be avoided.

Fatty Food

We are not talking about foods that are high on calories but those that have high amount of saturated fats. Saturated fats have to be done away with despite the dishes being deliciously mouthwatering. Other foods to avoid with high blood pressure would be sweets, coffee and fries.

Serious Dangers of High Blood Pressure

The most critical dangers of high blood pressure are organ failures and in the worse cases, it can be multi organ failures. The most common danger of high blood pressure is heart attack.

People who have been suffering from high blood pressure and that has not been treated to any extent run the highest risk of suffering from a heart attack. What is more worrying is the fact that even if one survives from a heart attack and if the high blood pressure persists, there are obvious chances of suffering from further heart attacks.

Statistics from all over the world show that many people do not survive the first heart attack and the ones who do, are prone to multiple future attacks.

Heart failure is a more serious danger of high blood pressure. Heart attacks are instantaneous and if one survives, there are lots of medication and treatment that can be arranged. Heart failure is a more complicated and acute situation.

Cerebral attack is also one of the dangers of high blood pressure. People who suffer from very high blood pressure (180 and above) run a very high risk of having a stroke. Worst cases are when blood gushes to the brain and gets clogged. Cerebral attacks are not as common as heart attacks but causes higher number of terminal cases.

Organ failure is also amongst the dangers of high blood pressure. It is not uncommon for people with severely high blood pressure to suffer kidney failure, loss of vision due to damage of the eye and numerous other problems.

In rare cases where the diastolic pressure (the lower limit of blood pressure) crosses the 130 or 140 mm Hg mark, patients can get highly critical and run the risk of brain hemorrhage. The worst part of high blood pressure is that those with a history of it can never be completely certain of being relieved of the dangers.

Most people who had high blood pressure tend to develop it again if the medication is withdrawn or neglected.

Diet For People With High Blood Pressure

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, irrespective of the stages (pre hypertension, high blood pressure Stage 1 or Stage 2), you have to ensure a lot things in your daily life apart from taking the prescribed medication.

Most commonly one has to make a lot of changes to their lifestyle and also abide by the mandatory or prescribed diet for people with high blood pressure.

What To Include In A Diet For People With High Blood Pressure

Fruits and vegetables are a man’s best friends when suffering from high blood pressure. The focus of the diet must be to increase vitamins and minerals and lower oily and fat rich food items.

You may want to replace those cornflakes and other common cereals for fiber rich items such as oats. The more fiber rich food you include in your diet, you would have better chances of reducing the cholesterol levels in your blood. Cholesterol has to be reduced to attain a lower blood pressure.

Although a vegetarian diet can help you lower your blood pressure faster, the requirement of protein cannot be overlooked. You also need to stay healthy while you are trying to treat yourself. Fish is the best option.

Do not try and spice up the dish but go for simple fish fillets or a salmon steak which are not cooked in much oil and help you to maintain a better diet.

Potatoes are a source of sugar and mostly they are not advised in the diet for people with high blood pressure but a new study has found that purple potatoes can help you to reduce your blood pressure and also does not add to your weight.

What Not To Include In A Diet For People With High Blood Pressure

Salt must be bid farewell. For those who cannot do without sprinkling some on your meals, you have to change your habit. Salt acts like a catalyst for high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, any food item or ingredient that is rich in sodium is absolutely not to be consumed.

Alcohol consumption should not be reduced but has to be walked out on. A drink at a party once a month does not pose any threat but it should be out of your daily, weekly and fortnightly lifestyle.

Red meat must be excluded from the diet for people with high blood pressure. One can consume low amount of poultry meat and some dairy products but pork or beef are a strict no. Hopefully these tips are helpful when you are looking into how to lower high blood pressure naturally.

How to lower high blood pressure naturally. MoreTipsNow.com

How To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally FAQ:

Q: How long does it take to lower high blood pressure naturally?
A: Lowering your blood pressure does not happen instantly, but you should see some results within a month.

Q: What foods can naturally lower high blood pressure?
A: Bananas, brown bread and water can lower it. You should also try other natural ways. Learn more here.

How to lower high blood pressure naturally quickly?
A: This article shares many ways to do that. However, by simply reducing your salt intake you can lower high blood pressure naturally within a few weeks to a month.