How To Make Money From YouTube – 3 Strategies That Work

How to make money from YouTube? Quitting your job and making money through YouTube sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, before you start earning any money, you must follow a few simple steps.

How To Make Money From

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All About How To Make Money From YouTube

In order to receive any money through YouTube, you must first qualify to become a YouTube partner. A YouTube partner’s qualifications are based on the content on the videos that they upload on to their channel.

How To Make Money From YouTube – 3 Basic Requirements
There are 3 Basic requirements. First, you must create original videos. This means, you can’t upload a video, television show, or a movie that you didn’t make. They are looking for original content that you created.

In addition, these videos that you create must be able to be streamed online, meaning that the technical specifications of the content are suitable.

Secondly, you either have to own all the rights to the video itself, or if you don’t own it, the owner has given you permission to those rights. Remember, that this does not refer to just the video content, but it also refers to the audio content of the video as well.

So don’t include a song if you didn’t right the song yourself, or the artist didn’t give you permission to use that song. If the video is not yours, but you have permission to the rights, it is recommended that you have that permission in a written format that is easily emailable to anyone that is looking for that information.

Third, you should upload qualified videos on a regular basis, AND those qualified videos are viewed by thousands of visitors. This means that your video of your cat that you and your best friend view doesn’t count.

But, if that cat video suddenly gets thousands of views because your cat is awesome or does some incredible trick, that probably qualifies. YouTube is looking at volume here. If you see DVDs online, you may also qualify under this rule.

How To Become A YouTube Partner

Those are the very basic requirements, so if you think you meet those qualifications, the next step in becoming a YouTube partner and making money off of YouTube is applying to become a partner. You can apply to become a partner through the YouTube site itself.

Before you become a YouTube partner, you must also have a Google AdSense account, since AdSense is how you actually earn your money through the site. Before you apply to become a YouTube partner, you should already have a Google AdSense account.

One tip – if you don’t meet their qualifications, and are rejected for the program, you can’t apply again for another two months. So make sure that you meet the requirements before you apply. If you don’t currently meet the qualifications and would like to hurry that process along, you can choose to make one of your videos a promoted video.

This will attract more viewers to your videos, but it does cost money out of your pocket. Making money off of YouTube is possible, but you have to make sure that you are providing qualified content in the first place.