How To Cook Lobster – Step-By-Step Instructions

How to cook lobster? Lobster is a dish that many people absolutely love. Although lobster is expensive to buy, cooking lobster is as simple as boiling water.

How to cook lobster step by

If you can boil water, you should be capable of cooking lobster. Just the guidelines are needed.

Lobster can be cooked in many forms such as

  • boiled lobster
  • steamed lobster
  • microwave lobster
  • stuffed lobster
  • grilled lobster
  • fried lobster
  • broiled lobster

… for variety in taste.

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How To Cook Lobster

To cook lobster you first have to determine which form you want. For convenience, you can put the lobster in the freezer for 5-7 minutes to minimize the movement of the tail. Then you have to boil it.

Boiling a live lobster enhances the taste. Add 2 tablespoons of salt per liter of water, when boiling lobster. The lobster should be grasped behind its claws and then dropped in the water keeping its head down.

When the water starts boiling start the timer. The lobster should be boiled for around 13 minutes.

If the weight of the lobster exceeds 3 lb in the pot, another extra 3 minutes should be added for a better result. If you want to serve a boiled lobster, drain the lobster immediately.

How To Grill Lobster

To grill a lobster you will a need to boil it longer. The boiling instructions are the same, just par-boil the lobsters for another 5 minutes. Removing the lobster from the pot after boiling, it should be placed on its back.

The grill should be preheated to medium heat. With a sharp knife, cut the lobster along its middle, remove the black vain and the sand sack, located behind the eyes, on the head area.

You can now baste the meat of the lobster with lemon juice and melted butter, then place this meat under the grill.

Continue to heat for 8-10 minutes, until the lobster is fairly cooked. You want the best, so serve it hot.

How To Steam Lobster

You can also prepare a steamed lobster, which often tastes better than a boiled one. Combine 2 inches of water with 1 tablespoon of salt. Then hold the lobster on the bottom of the pot with a steaming rack.

Put the lid on the pot and start heating. Now start counting time when boiling starts. Small lobsters require less time than big ones. 14 minutes is enough for a single lb lobster and about 17 minutes is good enough for a 2 lb lobster.

You can boil a 3 lb lobster for 20 minutes. That’s all, grab it and serve hot.

Video – How To Cook Lobster At Home

Here are 100 more delicious lobster recipes to cook at home!

Be careful about over boiling the lobster, it will spoil the whole process. When it is properly boiled, its shell will turn to red color. It is done when the temperature is about 180F or 80C. The parts to be eaten are the tail and the front claws.

The legs can also be utilized if you want. Before serving, crack the shells using a lobster cracker. Then serve it with melted butter and lemon juice. Some people also choose to dip it into mayonnaise.

How To Cook Lobster FAQ:

Q: How long do I have to cook a live lobster?
A: Steaming a lobster takes about 7 minuter per pound and 3 minuter per pound there after (for each pound). These are approximate times.

Q: How long do lobster tails take to cook?
A: If you cook from frozen, boiling will take approx. 7 minutes.