Chronic Constipation – Best Treatments And Other Facts

Chronic constipation is something that affects a lot of people in the world.

Chronic constipation treatment

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Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with chronic constipation, most people try to use home remedies to ease and cure their discomfort.

Chronic constipation usually happens with pregnant women and people who do not have a sufficient amount of fiber in their diets.

There are many methods of diagnosis that can be used to make sure that this condition is something that a person is actually suffering from. A few diagnosis methods include a GI transit study, Defecography and Colonic Manometry.

A GI transit study; which is also known as Scintigraphy, is a test that measures how much material that travels through a person’s digestive system. In most cases, this test can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days to complete.

When it comes to Defecography, this is a test that can be performed by means of an x-ray or MRI. As far as a Colonic Manometry is concerned, a catheter will placed within the colon in order to determine if the contractions that occur within the parts of the colon are regular.

Information About Chronic Constipation

When it comes to treating chronic constipation, there are 3 major ways that it can be completed. These ways are medication, biofeedback, and surgery. In this instance, medication can be prescribed to treat this condition. When medication is prescribed, it is usually given with fiber supplements to use within your diet.

Other forms of medication include laxatives. As far as biofeedback is involved, it is a type of therapy that has the potential to improve your bowel habits. Surgery is a last resort, but this too is an option. Surgery becomes an option for a person who suffers from severe or chronic constipation and the other forms of treatment have not taken an affect.

When the time comes to schedule an appointment, you will need to take the proper measures to make sure that your doctor is aware of everything that is going on. In order to make sure that your doctor’s appointment is greatly beneficial to you, you will need to take the proper precautions.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make a note of everything. It’s a good idea to make a note of your symptoms and your daily activities. To make sure that this condition is correctly diagnosed, you will also need to make a note of your current eating habits and other activities that you currently endure.

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Once that has been completed, you will need to make sure that you schedule an appointment for the next available date. In the event that the next appointment is not available within the next few days, you may need to visit the emergency room and seek emergency medical care.

If you would rather wait a while and handle things on your own, you can always try home remedies. In order to prevent chronic constipation from occurring again, you will need to drink an adequate amount of water and eat foods that contain a lot of fiber.


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