Chair Exercises For Seniors – 2 Effective And Simple Exercises

Here are 2 chair exercises for seniors that are very simple but also effective.It is very important to stay in shape because as we get older our bodies start to slow down and the muscles that were building all throughout our lives now start to decrease.

Chair exercises for

The older we get the more at risk we are for muscle atrophy or loss of the muscle itself. This can lead to many problems and is common among seniors especially those with already ailing health.

2 Chair Exercises For Seniors

The older that they get the more decreased that there muscles become. There are also more things than muscles to worry about. If a person stays still all the time they are at risk for blood clots, the inability to move and nerve damage.

This is why it is so important to make sure that seniors do many different exercises to help encourage movements and make sure that they are in the best health possible.

Unfortunately many seniors have health problems making it nearly impossible for them to get up and walk around or do any kind of heavy exercising. This could lead to problems with their heart or they could just not have the energy or the ability to do exercises.

Thankfully there are more options than just walking and going to the gym. There are many great chair exercises for seniors that can be done at home.

Chair exercises for seniors is one of the great ways to ensure that a senior is moving and keeping their muscles from wasting away and decreasing their risks of the inability to walk or forming a blood clot. Exercising also helps to decrease symptoms of different ailments that a senior citizen might have.

A senior can exercise many different parts of their body all from a chair. The chair can be a recliner, a kitchen chair or even a wheelchair.

Getting Started

When a senior wants to get started on exercising they will want to start out by stretching their hands and ankles. This will help them be more flexible and less prone to soreness. They should stretch and make fists with their hands multiple times. For the ankles the ankle should be stretched and rotated around to make sure that the foot is flexible.

A repetition count of at least 5 to 10 will help to increase the elasticity of the muscle and help aid in movement. The next body part that the senior will want to work out is the neck.

Video – 6 Chair Exercises For Seniors

The neck needs to be exercised every day to help prevent soreness and problems with the neck. A great exercise for the neck is to touch the neck back and forth from chin to chest as well as turning from right to left. The next place the senior will want to stretch is the chest and stomach.

This can be done by leaning forward and making fists and going in a back and forth motion. It is suggested that at least 10 repetitions will help.

1.Strengthening The Arms

Many seniors develop weakness in their arms as they age. This can be more severe in some seniors and less prominent in others. To help rebuild strength and keep the strength that the senior has it is suggested that there are plenty of arm exercises given. First the senior will want to start out by making sure that they are well stretched. After that the senior can start out with small dumbbell weights.

Making sure that they are small the senior can lift the weight up and down as well as from side to side to help encourage muscle strength in the arm. If one arm gets tired quickly it is suggested to only do one arm at a time.

If the senior does not have access to a dumbbell a can of vegetables or a water bottle is a great substitute. The senior will most benefit from an exercise routine that offers at least 10-15 repetitions per arm.

2.Leg Strengthening

Weakness in the legs can mean trouble for a senior and can leave them with the inability to walk. It can also lead to blood clots in the legs as well as nerve problems. Keeping the legs as active as possible is very important. The senior will of course want to stretch the leg and only use one leg at a time during the exercise. First the leg will be stretched out and can be bent back and forth for around 10 repetitions.

If the senior wants a further workout small weights can be attached to special socks where the leg can be lifted back and forth with the weights. Also pushing small items such as a can of vegetables or pushing a stool around the floor can help to increase strength.

Making sure that seniors stay active is important. While all seniors may not be able to get around they can definitely complete chair exercises for seniors. This can help them alleviate problems as well as prevent problems in the future.

With many exercise routines out there for chair exercises a senior will have no trouble finding some sort of exercise that fits their needs.