Basic Woodworking Tools – 12 Essential Tools You Need

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Basic woodworking tools are something every woodworker needs. In this article you will learn about 12 basic woodworking tools you must have in order to be able to create beautiful projects.

Basic woodworking tools you must

Woodworking is a great hobby, but there is an investment you need to make before you can get started. You will need some basic woodworking tools. It is a good idea to invest in proper tools from the start if possible.

There is no need to invest thousands of dollars in expensive power tools like table saws and belt sanders in the beginning. It is a good idea to start small, and upgrade to better tools when your skills have improved.

You can get started with some really basic woodworking tools you can find online. You can also find great discounts.

12 Basic Woodworking Tools You Must Have

Here below is a list of 13 essential woodworking tools you need to have in order to create beautiful woodworking projects.

#1. A proper work bench
A good work bench is not too low or too high for you. It also should provide enough space so you can work around comfortably. The bench also needs to have enough overhangs at the sides so you can attach vises and clamps. Here are some good examples.

#2. Hammers
Hammers are perhaps the most important tools that you need as a woodworker. You should have a couple of different types of hammers in your toolbox, not just one. Choose the hammer according to your needs, the size and weight are important. If you use a hammer that is too heavy it will put dents in the delicate pieces of wood, or even break it. If your hammer is too light, it may not have enough power to drive the nail into the board.

#3. Saws
A proper saw, or several, are basic woodworking tools you cannot do without. You will be doing a lot of cutting when doing your woodworking projects. If you are just starting, you do not necessarily need to invest in an expensive power saw. A hand saw will be better in the beginning, it will allow you to improve your woodworking skills. You can always invest in a power saw when you really need one.

#4. A measuring tape
You need to be precise with the woodworking projects. This means you have to carefully measure everything and cutting the pieces of wood so that they fit together perfectly.

#5. Drills
Besides measuring and cutting the wood, you will also need to drill a couple of holes as well. This is where you need a good quality hand drill. There are manual drills available in hardware stores, but in this case you may want to invest some money in a power drill because it is a lot easier to use. Look for a cordless battery drill online or ask an expert in the hardware store.

#6. Screw drivers
A set of screw drivers are basic woodworking tools you also must have in your tool box. Some projects require the use of screws instead of nails when joining different pieces of wood together.

#7. Clamps
Clamps give you an several extra pairs of hands when woodworking. You should invest in several clamps in different sizes. They will become very useful in your future projects.

#8. A Backsaw
A good quality handsaw is one of the most important tools you need, but sometimes it is a lot easier and quicker to use a backsaw instead. This is something you should consider investing in.

#9. Square
Buy a speed square and a framing square. There are affordable woodworking tools that you really need in your projects. You only need to buy these one, they will last forever.

#10. Saw Horses
Saw horses are portable stands that have dozens of uses around your woodworking shop. They are easy to build your self, or you can buy them at any hardware store. You will need at least 2 saw horses.

#11. Wet/Dry Vac
Working with wood means you are going to make a mess and kicking up a lot of dust. You should definitely invest in a dust collection system for your workshop.

#12. Chisels
Chisels are used to clean out cuts and joints in the wood. It is always good to have a few chisels in your toolbox.

Video – More About Basic Woodworking Tools

Additional Tips And Information

Beside some basic woodworking tools, you must also have some high quality woodworking plans. Here are 50 free printable plans you can download instantly.

Investing in basic woodworking tools can be expensive, but you don´t have to buy all the tools at once. The best way to go about is simply to buy tools over time.


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