Ball Of Foot Pain – Everything You Must Know About It

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Ball of foot pain is a very common foot injury. In this article you will learn everything you must know about it plus the best treatments for ball of foot pain.

Ball of foot pain

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You never really know how often you use your feet until you experience an injury that makes it difficult to use them on a regular basis. There are dozens of ways that you can injure your feet, simply because they are used so often.

All About Ball Of Foot Pain

Ball of foot pain is one of the most common injuries that people experience throughout their lifetime whether as a result of uncomfortable shoes or because of a medical ailment.

Making sure that you talk to a medical professional about your pain in the ball of your foot can help you to find the right treatment plan and to get your feet back into working order.

What Causes Foot Pain?

As there are several parts of your foot that you can injure in various ways but the most general cause for the pain that you experience is inflammation. When the tendons in your foot become inflamed it causes an immense amount of discomfort in the affected areas and can be as a result of repetitive use or an injury.


The main reason as to why someone might experience metatarsalgia is because they’re not wearing the right type of shoes for their feet. This foot ailment is noticeable because it will make the ball of your foot quite uncomfortable.

Athletes are particularly susceptible to metatarsalgia, especially if you are the type of person who is just starting to run or workout in a new pair of shoes that you have just bought. In most cases it’s a result of damage to your feet from strenuous activities ranging from jumping to running. People also commonly refer to it as stone bruise.

Common treatments for Metatarsalgia include:

  • Rest your foot and alternate putting ice on the affected area
  • Using shoe inserts to get rid of any extra pressure that the ball of your foot might be experiencing

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Morton’s Neuroma

As a common foot ailment that women deal with throughout their lifetime, Morton’s Neuroma is incredibly common and also simple to treat. It generally presents itself as a thick layer of tissue around the bottom of your toes and near the ball of your foot.

In most cases it will be painful or it can also make the feet feel strange or “numb”. The reason as to why women experience it more than men is because it is a result of wearing extremely tight shoes or high heels.

Instead of having to seek the assistance of a orthopedic professional, Morton’s Neuroma can easily be treated at home by using the following tips:

  • Avoiding high heels and any type of shoe that has a narrow space for your toes
  • Avoid putting extra pressure on the neuroma by walking or excessive activity

In the event that none of the above treatments seem to be working, it is advised that you seek a professional consult as you may be required to receive steroid injections or surgery to remove the neuroma.

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There are 2 bones located near your big toes that are connected to each other only by tendons that are called sesamoids. In the event that these tendons get injured or become inflamed, that is when you begin suffering from sesamoiditis.

It’s quite common in dancers and runners as it’s a result of strenuous activity being placed on that area of your foot. In fact, it’s a particular type of tendinitis which is an issue frequently experienced by sporting professionals.

Some reputable treatments for sesamoiditis include:

  • Resting your feet and making sure that you don’t perform excessive activity until the sesamoids are healed
  • Ice the affected areas while the feet are resting
  • Wear toe pads under your feet inside of shoes that are comfortable
  • Taping your big toe so that it can heal appropriately
  • Avoid high heel shoes

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If you notice that the pain is persisting, you can consult a medical professional to see if they would suggest steroid injections to help with the inflammation of the area. In most cases the injections will be a combination of an anesthetic and a steroid for pain and discomfort.

There are many reasons as to why your feet could be experiencing pain, though ball of foot pain is incredibly common amongst athletes and dancers.

If you’re the type of person who is usually on their feet for most of the day it’s always important to get shoes that are comfortable for your feet and to make sure that you have the right shoe inserts to provide additional support and cushion.

If you begin to experience discomfort, rest your feet and if the pain persists then seek the assistance of a medical professional.

Ball of foot pain

Ball Of Foot Pain FAQ:

Q: Do bunions cause ball of foot pain?
A: Bunions are painful this makes you walk differently in order to compensate. This is the reason why bunions can affect the area under your big toe and also the ball of your foot.

Q: How do I get rid of pain in the ball of my foot?
A: There are a few good treatment methods available. Here is more information.

Q: How long does ball of foot pain last?
A: This is individual. In worst cases it can last for several months.

Q: How to get relief from ball of foot pain?
A: There are a couple of treatments available. Resting your feet, over-the-counter pain medication and shoe inserts to name a few.

Q: How to stop ball of foot pain when running?
A: Shoe inserts can help relieve the foot pain when running.